Diseases in Asian Aquaculture III

Proceedings of the Third Symposium on Diseases in Asian Aquaculture, 1996.
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Disease outbreaks are increasingly recognized as a significant constraint to world aquaculture production and trade. The Third Symposium on Diseases in Asian Aquaculture was convened by the Fish Health Section of the Asian Fisheries Society in January 1996 in conjunction with the annual meeting of the World Aquaculture Society in Bangkok, Thailand. The proceedings volume, the third in the series, provides an overview of the current state of scientific progress in various aspects of disease prevention and control in aquaculture. A total of 49 peer reviewed, revised and edited papers have been collected in this beautifully printed hard cover book. The book is divided into 12 sections covering amphibians, finfish, and crustaceans. The finfish sections include general submissions on status and trends, contributions on viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases as well as epizootic ulcerative syndrome and immunology. Crustacean health papers include reviews on epidemiology, immune reactions and crayfish diseases. Three submissions update efforts to develop specific pathogen free and genetically improved broodstocks. Updates on viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases include reviews of recent developments on Taura Syndrome, Yellow Head, and White Spot viruses. In addition, a section on toxicology, antibiotics and water quality contains papers ranging from antibiotic resistance to aquatic disease laboratory design. The book is well referenced with a detailed table of contents and author index. The papers in this proceedings should be of much use to researchers, policy makers, and aquaculturists in supporting disease diagnosis and control efforts. The WAS home office is distributing a limited number of copies of this proceedings so order early.

Published by the Fish Health Section, Asian Fisheries Society

Edited by T.W. Flegel and Ian H. MacRae

1997 - Hardcover, 405 pgs., including many illustrations, figures, graphs and tables.

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