Handbook of Shrimp Pathology and Diagnostic Procedures for Diseases of Penaeid Shrimp

Provides the most current information on major diseases of cultured penaeid shrimp and the most appropriate diagnostic procedures for these diseases. ORIGINAL BOOK SOLD OUT - NOW REPRODUCED ON CD-ROM - INCLUDES EVERYTHING IN THE BOOK.
*Newly released in CD-Rom form*This CD-Rom is intended to provide members of the shrimp culture industry with the most current information on the major diseases of cultured penaeid shrimp and with the most appropriate diagnostic procedures for these diseases. Diagnosticians, pathologists, and researchers working in the shrimp culture industry will find within this CD the most current and appropriate diagnostic procedures for the major infectious and non-infectious diseases of cultured penaeid shrimp. Originally printed and completely sold out in a loose leaf format, this CD’s continues to provide relevance as technologies advance and new agents are studied.

The CD contains sections on: Pond Side Diagnostic Methods; Histological Methods; Sample Preparation and methods for Serological and Gene Probe Dot Blot Assays and in situ Hybridization Assays; Indirect ELISA and PCR Methods for Detection of Pathogens; Fixation Procedures Using Glutaraldehyde for Electron Microscopy; and Bacterial and mycological isolation, culture and identification trechniques. Viral diseases addresses in the manual include the parvoviruses: IHHN, HPV and, LPV; the baculovirues: BMN, MBV, BP, and the White Spot; the Bacuolvirus group; the picornavirus: Taura syndrome virus (TSV); Yellow head virus; and other penaeid viruses (LOVV and RPS). In sections on bacterial diseases, Vibrio spp., rickettsia, the NHP bacterium, and Mycobacterium sp. are discussed. Other sections focus on fungal diseases ( Larval Mycosis and Fusarium); parasitic and fouling diseases ( Microsporidians, haplosporidians, gill, appendage and surface fouling diseases and Gregarine parasites and infections) as well as the noninfectious and toxic diseases (gas-bubble disease and Hemocytic Enteritis).

Edited by Donald V. Lightner, PhD; 1996. Re-published by the World Aquaculture Society, 2001