March 15, 2023

President's Column March 2023

The first three months of 2023 have once again been a busy time for the World Aquaculture Society. WAS Committees have been active in recruitment of a new Editor-in-Chief for World Aquaculture magazine, transition of the magazine to online only (electronic), preparing the slate of candidates for the election of new board members, calling for nominations for WAS Awards, working on budgets that reduce expenditures and increase revenues following a period of disruptions to conferences that is now behind us, and updating policies to support student members.

Transitioning the magazine to an online-only publication was a tough decision for the WAS Board to make in Singapore in November 2022. However, this will bring environmental benefits (no printing and postage) and importantly will allow adoption of new communication approaches for the benefit of members. At the same time, as we transition away from print, there will also be a change in leadership at the magazine. John Hargreaves has provided outstanding service to World Aquaculture, the World Aquaculture Society and global aquaculture, and will remain as Editor-in-Chief for one more issue of the magazine in June. The magazine has been ably supported by Linda Noble as Layout Editor during most of the time John has been editor and she plans to continue in her role with the magazine, as will Mary Nickum as the front-end editor. The contributions of both John and Linda were recognized in February 2022 at Aquaculture America.

The WAS Home Office has continued to engage with Society members and support more frequent aquaculture conferences around the globe. From all accounts, Aquaculture America 2022 in New Orleans was a tremendous success — and congratulations are extended to all involved. There is always new aquaculture science to share, technology to discover and colleagues to connect with. Congratulations are extended to the new USAS President, Anita Kelly, and President- Elect, Abigail Bockus, commencing their terms in New Orleans.

Plans are coming together well for World Aquaculture 2023, at the Darwin Convention Centre, 29 May — 2 June 2023. The two plenary speakers, Dan Richards and David Whyte, will set the scene for the conference, that is focused on the theme of “Supporting Strength in Aquaculture.: Dan Richards is CEO of Humpty Doo Barramundi — the award-winning, family owned and operated barramundi farm in the remote Northern Territory, Australia. Dan is a strategic thinker and thought leader with a passion for people, environmental stewardship, farming and implementing business improvements that deliver real results. David Whyte is Managing Director of BioMar Australia. He has 35 years’ experience in aquaculture production and supply companies in Scotland, Australia and New Zealand. David brings a deep understanding of aquaculture and will share insights into the opportunities, challenges and realities of offshore aquaculture development.

I hope to see you in Darwin for WA23 or at another aquaculture gathering soon.

— Jennifer Blair, President

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About Jennifer Blair

Jennifer Blair (formerly Cobcroft), has worked for over twenty years in marine fish farming, spanning science, technology and management within both research and private sectors. Her research has focused on hatchery production of difficult-to-rear marine finfish, including developmental biology, fish health and system design.