October 18, 2022

JWAS passes impact factor 3.4, ranked 12th in fisheries category of peer reviewed journals

The Journal of the World Aquaculture Society (JWAS) has undergone re-invigoration and improvement. This has been clearly reflected in the quality of papers and reviews published and their impact on the aquaculture industry and scientific research.

It is with great pleasure that the editors announce that the JWAS impact factor has reached 3.4 and more importantly, the journal has cemented its place in the top 20 journals of the fisheries and aquaculture category.

This means that publishing in your society journal offers you not only direct access to all members of the largest aquaculture society in the world but to a very competitive level of impact of your manuscript.

JWAS is fully Open Access and offers full free access to all readers in science and the industry worldwide at the click of a button.

We invite you to submit your excellent manuscripts to JWAS and to enjoy the benefits of your society journal in terms of access and impact!

Editors of the Journal of the World Aquaculture Society.
Ken Cain, Matt Slater, Carole Engle, Chenhong Li, Humberto Villareal

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