Tilapia Aquaculture in the Americas, Volume Two

Volume Two of this popular series is now available from The World Aquaculture Society.

Volume Two of this popular series is now available from The World Aquaculture Society. This book contains 17 chapters from 25 tilapia industry leaders, scientists and development experts who have pioneered the extraordinary success story of tilapia aquaculture in the Western Hemisphere. Once known only as a colorful and unusual mouthbrooder found in the Cichlid section of pet stores, tilapias are now a major seafood item in world trade. In the U.S. alone the American Tilapia Association estimated total consumption of tilapia at 112 million pounds in 1998. The authors of volume 2 capture the diversity and dynamism of tilapia aquaculture in the Americas at the beginning of the 21st century. There are new chapters about tilapia in Cuba, Honduras, Brazil, Jamaica, the Caribbean nations, and a review of exciting new opportunities in the southeast USA. There are comprehensive chapters on economics, marketing, and processing, plus a review of tilapia geothermal aquaculture in the western USA. There is new scientific information on the potential of tilapia fisheries. Together as a set the books provide the most comprehensive source of detailed information on the tilapias in the Americas ever assembled. The new volume would be useful for scientists to capture the state-of-the-art; for fish farmers to evaluate new potential areas, technologies, markets, economics and processing options; for educators interested in describing an aquaculture success story; and for consultants developing tilapia aquaculture in new regions of the world.

Edited by Barry A. Costa-Pierce and James E. Rakocy

Softcover - 264 pages with may illustrations, graphics and bibliographical references.