Swimming Through Troubled Water

Proceedings of the Special Session on Shrimp Farming, 1995.

The shrimp farming industry is facing a variety of challenges which threaten its sustainability and growth. It is critical that producers, researchers, and government officials recognize these challenges and seek appropriate solutions. The Special Session on Shrimp Farming was the largest component of the Aquaculture '95 Conference in San Diego, California, 1-4 February, 1995. The organizers, George Chamberlain, Craig Browdy, Steve Hopkins, Bob Rosenberry, and Gary Pruder, made every effort to provide a program with the latest and best information on shrimp arming.

The Proceedings of that session is a 253-page compilation of 22 expert reviews and 51 abstracts dealing with all aspects of shrimp aquaculture. Five reviews provide a comprehensive description of the shrimp farming situations in the major producing countries: China, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Ecuador. Other reviews address such critical topics as procedures for production of high health shrimp, probiotics, genetic improvements, yellow head and taura syndrome viruses, current and future trends in nutrition, feed management, pond water and soil management, integrated grow-out systems, dry season growth declines, HACCP processing programs, and worldwide shrimp supply and market.

This Proceedings is offered at a very reasonable price through the support of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Ralston Purina International, and the Oceanic Institute's Asian Interchange Program.

Over 500 copies sold in the first two days that it was offered. A similar WAS Shrimp Proceedings, published in 1992, sold out in the same year. If you would like a copy, please place your order soon.

Edited by Craig L. Browdy and J. Stephen Hopkins

Softcover, 253 pages including 22 reviews and 51 abstracts, 1995

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