Health Management, Development and Histology of Seed Oysters

A basis for systematic diagnosis, and thus management, of oyster larval and seed diseases.

Production of healthy shellfish is key to the economic viability of intensively farmed bivalves and is also a fundamental need for the conservation of natural and extensively farmed shellfish growing areas. With the continuing global development of intensive production technology for molluscs, there is an urgent need to apply concepts of health management. This book will assist in achieving efficient production in culture; high survival potential for out planted shellfish seed; and preventing the dissemination of infectious shellfish diseases. The rationale for the book is to provide a basis for systematic diagnosis, and thus management, of oyster larval and seed diseases.

The book contains a detailed description of development and anatomical structures of the oyster in the sequential stages from larva, through metamorphosis, early juvenile and late juvenile stages. This includes many micrographs showing the development of oysters, which are supplemented by line drawings of key stages of development. The second section of the book is a detailed description and guide for the diagnosis of all known diseases of larval and juvenile oysters. The linkage of the normal anatomical treatment with disease diagnosis is a logical link, which greatly increase the utility and appeal of the book. The section of the book describing microscopic anatomy of late stage seed oysters provides a handy and concise reference that is useful for studies of adult oysters as well as for early life stages. Sections on techniques cover necropsies, fixatives, sample shipping and general diagnostic methods. This book will be useful to shellfish biologists, students of shellfish biology, bivalve hatchery and nursery managers, resource managers, and, of course, those individuals specifically engaged in the practice of health management and disease diagnosis.

By Dr. Ralph Elston

Softcover, spiral-bound notebook, 110 pages including many illustrations, photographs, micrographis and other graphics.