Aquaculture and Fisheries Biotechnology - Genetic Approaches

By: Rex A. Dunham; Hardback, 384 pages April 2004

The genetic improvement of fish for aquaculture and related fisheries is a field of research that has seen immense advances in recent years. Yet there is no book which provides an accessible overview of the subject. This book aims to fill this gap and will be suitable for advanced students and researchers in animal genetics, fish biology and aquaculture. Contents include chapters on history of genetic biotechnology; phenotypic variation and environment effects; polyploidy; gynogenesis, androgenesis, cloned populations and nuclear transplantation; sex reversal and breeding; biochemical and molecular markers; population genetics; gene mapping; gene expression, isolation and cloning; gene transfer technology; genotype – environment interactions; Environmental risks; food safety; government regulation; commercial application; strategies for genetic conservation and more.