Aquacultural Engineering and Waste Management

Proceedings of the Aquaculture Expo VIII and Aquaculture in the Mid-Atlantic Conference held June, 1995.
Topics covered in the twenty-one papers include engineering design; control systems; culture systems, techniques, and design; waste treatment and control; and aquacultural effluent and waste management. The proceedings will be useful to engineers, biologists, researchers, consultants, or extension agents who desire detailed information on aquaculture system design. (1995)

Included is information on automated control systems; closed recirculating and open ocean production systems; optimal stocking, harvesting, and feeding strategies; and purifying systems employing floating bead filters and water plants. Also included is important information concerning the international and political issues involving the aquaculture industry.

The 384-page proceedings contains 21 papers as well as figures, tables, equations, and references. Leadership for the conference was provided by the Aquacultural Engineering Society and the Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center. Authors include university faculty, engineers, extension associates, and university and private industry researchers from the U.S. and the world. The conference was sponsored by Aquaculture Productions, Inc. and the Natural Resouce, Agriculture, and Engineering Service (NRAES).

Editor: Dr. Michael B. Timmons

Softcover, 1995; 384 pages