WAS APC Objectives

In order to meet the expanding international nature of the Society and to address specific needs in various areas of the world, the WAS has created Chapters in the United States, Korea, Latin American and Caribbean region and the Asian-Pacific region.

The Asian Pacific Chapter (APC) of the World Aquaculture Society is part of an international network of Professionals who through a commitment to excellence in science, technology, education, and information Exchange, contribute to the progressive and sustainable development of aquaculture throughout the world.


Objective 1: To promote the benefits of responsible aquaculture in the region through the dissemination of information to farmers, scientists, policy makers and suppliers.

Strategy 1:
Hold successful conferences and meetings in Australia and other countries in the Asian Pacific region.

Strategy 2:
Improve communication among members and potential members of the Asian Pacific Chapter.

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Objective 2: To build a strong, financially secure chapter of the WAS in the region with a specific target to increase the membership in the region.

Strategy 1:
Promote Chapter membership to all WAS members not currently in the chapter.

Strategy 2:
Promote WAS and the Asian Pacific Chapter to potential new members.

Strategy 3:
Develop Asian Pacific Chapter publications and joint publications to increase awareness and generate income for the chapter through purchases, subscriptions and advertising.

Objective 3: To develop and maintain excellent relations with other aquaculture and fisheries associations in the region.

Strategy 1:
Assist in supporting and promoting meetings of and with other associations

Strategy 2:
Promote agreements of association between WAS, the Chapter and other organizations and fully support the terms of agreements.

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