Student Sponsors


we are very pleased to invite you to participate and support the WAS-APC Students travel grants.

Objective: The purpose of this grant is to underscore the importance of furthering research in the area of aquaculture by rewarding top research student, and facilitating the presentation of their scientific results at the WAS-APC conference. The travel grants are independent from the Best student awards which is normally attributed based on the quality of the presentation/posters. The selection of the beneficiary of the travel grant will be based on the quality and innovative value of the submitted research abstracts. Unlike the Student Awards, there are no limits to the number of travel grants that will be offered at each of the WAS-APC conferences as this will be based on the number of fund raised for each conference.

The travel grants will be announced to the student together with a letter from the director of student and a list of the sponsoring companies.

Benefit to Company/Industry: The travel grants will bridge with research students and company/industry. The students from the institute of all over the world will participate in this travel support program and they will discuss your company among the research groups. These scores of grants encourage people to know about your company and to buy and use your products regularly, can attract to your products, the better especially when it comes into publicizing your travel support grants. It is also a very good mouth publicity tools.

The amount of Travel Grants: The amount of grants will be decided by sponsoring companies, with a minimum sponsor of US$ 500.

Selection of Travel grant winner: We will appoint judges from WAS member list. The selected abstract will be submitted to the funding companies for validation.

If you are interested in this student’s travel support grants program, please send your interest to these contacts:  

  1. WAS-APC Executive Officer, email:
  2. Student Director of WAS-APC

It is our sincere hope to have your acceptance to participate and support the WAS-APC Students travel grants.

We look forward to seeing you and a positive confirmation, an honor for us.