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President's Column December 2020

We have two announcements for this end of the year that are important activities for the Latin American and Caribbean Chapter. The first is related to the election of two new members for our Board of Directors. We are holding elections for one Director and the Chapter Secretary, to replace current Board members Karina Ribeiro of Brazil and Nelson Peña of Costa Rica, respectively. We have received numerous nominations and will now finalize the ballot that will be circulated among all members for election. The election period extends from 30 November to 15 January and results will be announced on 21 January. Newly elected Board members will take possession of their positions at our yearly Board meeting this coming March and will serve the Board for two years, until the 2022 LACQUA convention. We invite you to review the candidates and participate in this election process. The Nominees have agreed to support the activities of the Chapter and contribute to the expansion of the World Aquaculture Society mission in the region. We are grateful for their support. This column is a great opportunity to thank Karina and Nelson for their good work during these two last years. Both have been key in making sure LACQUA keeps improving and contributing to the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge related to aquaculture, promoting our activities through our various digital platforms and recruiting new members. I know we will be able to see them in our next meetings and can count on their support. Thank you! The second announcement is related to the organization of our annual conference. This year has been anything but easy and predictable. Three months ago, we mentioned that we were evaluating the possibility of hosting an online meeting next March and we have decided to go through with this plan. The safety of all our members is important to us and so we decided to go digital. The format of the event will differ from a normal LACQUA conference and we are working on offering a shorter program, focused on fewer topics. We will take full advantage of the available technology to deliver high-quality presentations and try to invite speakers that would normally not be able to travel to our conference. We are working on a first draft of the technical program; please consult our webpage for updated information on the event. I hope that you are all well and I look forward to seeing you online next March. — Laurence Massaut, President