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Complimentary membership in the GAA New benefits that WAS membership brings

WAS has arranged for our members to receive complimentary membership in the Global Aquaculture Association.  This is a benefit of your WAS membership.  Please sign in to the website at www.was.org  with your member credentials, scroll down and click on Other News tab then the GAA Logo and follow the link to setup your GAA membership


GAA member benefits for WAS Members

·      Advocate: Subscription to this premier digital publication with news features and technical articles about global aquaculture with a focus on responsible practices.

·      GOAL: Access to live stream of Day 1 of annual GOAL meeting on October 6-8, 2020 regarding the global status of aquaculture production, issues, and consensus solutions. 

·      Global Aquaculture Production: Access to summary report of the Global Aquaculture Production Survey and Forecast for Shrimp and Finfish.  

·      Directory: WAS members can establish profiles in GAA’s global directory and will have access to other aquaculture/seafood professionals around the world.

·      Connect:  Access to forum for questions, discussions, and information exchange among aquaculture and seafood professionals.

·      Academy: Access to educational modules, podcasts, videos, and FAQs about aquaculture.

·      Films: Access to documentary short film series highlighting the untold stories of the people and places around the world practicing aquaculture