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Laurence Massaut (Ecuador)


Laurence Massaut

Email: laurencemassaut@gmail.com


Laurence Massaut has a Master of Science degree in Aquatic Ecology (University of Namur, Belgium - 1990) and a Ph.D. in Aquaculture (Auburn University, USA - 1998).

Laurence has more than 25 years of combined experience in water quality, aquatic ecology, phytoplankton management, aquaculture production and environmental impact assessment. Since February 1999 she is based in Ecuador where she has been involved in postgraduate teaching, research projects related to shrimp and tilapia farming, as well as in consultant work with the local industry to help understand the influence of ecological processes on aquaculture production and reduce environmental impact of aquaculture farms. In December 2010, she joined the Cámara Nacional de Acuacultura (CNA), the largest shrimp and tilapia farmers association in Ecuador, where she acts as Technical Director, responsable for the technical coordination of all conferences and workshop organized by CNA and editor of their bimonthly magazine. Laurence reports directly to CNA's Board of Directors on all technical matters related to the industry, recommending projects and actions to improve culture conditions, increase production efficiency and reduce risks associated with the presence of diseases and stress factors.

Laurence authored more than 60 publications in peer-reviewed journals and technical magazines, served as peer-reviewer for local and international scientific journals and participated as guest speakers in more than 30 international conferences.