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Nominations open for LACC Board Secretary and Director are open positions

Dear members of LACC,


A friendly reminder!!! IT IS ALMOST TIME


The time has come to request nominations from the membership of the Latin American and Caribbean Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society for the 2021 board election. This year LACC will hold elections for  one Director and secretary, to replace current board members Karina Ribeiro from Brasil and Nelson Peña  from Costa Rica, respectively. The newly elected members will take possession of their charges at our yearly board meeting during LACQUA 2020 ( actually 2021 due to the Covid-19 situation), and will serve the board for two years until the LACQUA convention of 2022.

These are not honorary positions, they involve significant volunteer time devoted to society work, and attendance to board meetings and LACQUA conventions. Nominees need to be current members of LACC in good standing and respected members of the Latin American and Caribbean region aquaculture community. Because of the Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French composition of the region, board members require good command of English, in addition to their native languages. The duties associated with these positions are as follows:


The SECRETARY shall ensure that accurate and current membership and mailing lists are maintained for the CHAPTER by the World Aquaculture Society, that minutes and Board meetings are recorded, that proper notification of scheduled is given, and that Bylaws of the CHAPTER are updated and distributed to the Board of Directors and notification of changes are given to membership. The Secretary shall serve as a member of the Rules and Regulations and Finance Committees. The Secretary also shall serve as a member of the Executive Committee (EXCOM).

DIRECTORS serve a two-year term. Directors as members of the Board shall be responsible for the management of the business affairs of the Society. Directors are often asked to serve in specific board committees.


Members may nominate themselves or they may nominate other current members for the above positions. NOTE: All nominees must agree to their nomination and need to answer the following questions: 1) what is your vision for LACC-WAS, 2) how would you contribute to furthering the objectives of LACC-WAS, and 3) what experience do you have that will help you in the office for which you have offered to stand? 4) Please state the extent of your experience working in aquaculture in the LACC region. 5) What is your vision for the future os aquaculture in the region? Answers to all three questions should not total more than 500 words. Nominators are responsible for obtaining these statements and for sending with their nomination letter in a single email. Only complete nomination packages will be considered.

Obviously, these are very important positions because our elected officers will guide our Society for the next 2 years. So consider these nominations carefully, talk to your colleagues and check with anyone you wish to nominate about his/her willingness to stand and serve. Make sure to get their consent to be nominated and that they are LACC members in good standing. 


The election will proceed according to the following calendar:

Sept-16                Call for nominees

Oct-16                  Elections committee closes nomination period

Oct-30                Elections committee recommends slate to board

Nov-12               Board votes to approve slate

Nov-13-27          Elections committee elaborates ballot

Nov-30                 Election is called by announcing to membership, election period opens

Jan-15                 Election closes

Jan-21                  Election results 

Jan-21                  Notify successful candidates and arrange for attendance to LACQUA20/21

March-20            New members inaugurated during LACQUA20/21


Please do your part in serving the Society by submitting nominations for these important positions by midnight June 15, 2019.  Nominations should be sent to our Secretariat, Carolina Amézquita Carolina@was.org and to the chair of the elections committee, Luis André Sampaio, luisandresampaio@gmail.com

Many thanks in advance for your active participation!