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KC-WAS 2011 Annual Conference and Business Meeting
- On June 21-22, the Korean Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society (KC-WAS) and the Aquaculture Chapter of Korean Society of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (AC-KOSFAS) joined together at the annual conference at the Tongyeong Campus of Gyeongsang National University in Tongyeong City, Gyeongnam Province, Korea.
- During the KC-WAS & AC-KOSFAS annual conference, the KC-WAS annual business meeting and the election committee, which is chaired by Prof. Sungchul C. Bai (Pukyong National Univ.), were held.  Unfortunately, there has been no candidate of the President-elect for last 6 months, the election of the President-elect is postponed to the next meeting when there will be candidate(s).  Two new Directors and one replacement were elected to the Board of Director; Prof. Jong Ahm Shin (Chonnam National Univ.) and Mr. Hack-Churl You (Pegasus International, Inc.) were elected and will serve a term of four years, and Prof. Seok-Joong Kang (Gyeongsang National University) replaced Prof. In-Kyu Yeo (Jeju National Univ.) and will serve for two years till 2013.
- Several topics were discussed including the KC-WAS website.  The committee approved the draft of logo design in the following Figure.






Figure. The logo and letter typeset for the Korean Chapter of WAS
- There were a little bit more than 70 KC-WAS and KOSFAS members registered from Japan, China, Indonesia, Philippine, Bangladesh and Korea.  Four lecturers were invited to give lectures on following topics; (1) Tunicate Cluster Center and its role for the local business by Prof. Byeong-Dae Choi (Gyeongsang National Univ.), (2) Soft tunic syndrome in the edible ascidian Halocynthia roretzi by Dr. Kumagai Akira (Miyagi Prefecture Fisheries Technology Institute, Japan), (3) The Necessity and Importance of Economic Analysis in Aquaculture Researches by Dr. Dohoon Kim (National Fisheries Research & Development Institute) and (4) Environmentally friendly Agro-fisheries integrated aquaculture system (Aquaponics System) by Prof. Gwan Sik Jeong (Chonnam National Univ.).  Total of 44 presentations including 7 orals and 37 posters were addressed.

The 10th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum (10AFAF) in Yeosu, Korea (see logo)
- The 10AFAF will be held on April 30 - May 4, 2013, under the theme of 'Blue Waters and Green Fisheries' at The Ocean Resort Hotel in Yeosu, Korea.  The committee finalized the logistics of the 12 conference sessions and trade shows of equipment exhibition.  There will be several satellite meetings with the 10AFAF. 
- The 4th International Symposium on Cage Aquaculture in Asia (CAA4) and the China-Japan-Korea Aquaculture Symposium will be organized by the Aquaculture Chapter of the KOSFAS.  The annual conference of AC-KOSFAS and KC-WAS will be held at the same venue.  We welcome the members of WAS to Yeosu, the town of 2012 EXPO with rich cultural heritages and the center for the aquaculture industries.  

World Aquaculture 2015 (WA’15) in Jeju, Korea (see poster)
- The 3rd meeting of the Executive Committee for the WA’15 Jeju (EC) (Chair: Prof. Jeong Yeol Lee) was held on July 10 at the Office of the Jeju Special Self-governing Province (JSSP) in Korea.  The EC discussed the agenda of the National Organizing Committee (NOC), Special Committees and other promotional topics.  The committee confirmed the officials of the NOC and EC members.
- The Special committee on the Inter-Korean Fisheries Cooperation and the Special Industry Promotion Committee were approved unanimously.  The Special Committee on the Inter-Korean Fisheries Cooperation will be in charge of the invitation of fisheries officials and scientists of North Korea to the WA’15.  The Special Industry Promotion Committee will promote the regional aquaculture industry in Asia to advertise the WA’15.
- The EC discussed the promotional activities of WA’15 at the AQUA 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic and recommended the booth and brochure plan in detail. (see brochure cover page)
- The EC and JSSP welcome the 1st Steering Committee and Program Committee scheduled on October 18-20.  The WA’15 venue, International Convention Center Jeju will be venue for these committees.

Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (FAS) – $900 Cash award for review articles
- FAS is a journal of the Korean Society of Fisheries and Aquatic Science (KOSFAS), an affiliated society with WAS.  The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KFSTS) is funded by the government, and it nominated FAS as one of the SCI(E) journal candidates with prize in 2010.  There has been much effort to promote FAS by the members of KOSFAS.  This year, FAS offers cash awards of $900 for the review article.  The editorial board will reward four review articles for the next three years.  FAS and KOSFAS need your support.
- Please send your manuscripts to FAS e-submission at, or e-mail at to get your article reviewed for the special cash award selection.  If you need any further information, you could contact Prof. Sungchul Charles Bai (