World Aquaculture 2023

May 29 - June 1, 2023

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia


Pedro Pousão-Ferreira1,2 Cátia Lourenço-Marques1,2


1 S2AQUA Collaborative Laboratory, Association for a Sustainable and Smart Aquaculture. Av. do Parque Natural da Ria Formosa s/n, 7800-194 Olhão, Portugal

2 IPMA - Portuguese Institute for the Ocean and Atmosphere, EPPO - Aquaculture Research Station; Av. Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, s/n 8700-194 Olhão, Portugal.



The S2AQUAcoLAB is a private non-profit institution, founded in 2021, whose mission is to elevate aquaculture to a new level by playing an interface role between academia, research and industry. The coLAB performs research in production optimization, identification of health and welfare markers, climate change adaptations and development of new products for market diversification. Its members include 1 state laboratory (IPMA), 2 higher education institutions (UAlg and IPL), 2 R&D centre (CCMAR and ARDITI), 1 municipality (CMO), 2 producer’s association (Formosa and COOPAQUA) and 8 private companies (FLATLANTIC, SPAROS, NECTON, P. Espargueira, Oceano Fresco, Riasearch, SOFish, Docapesca). The S2AQUAcoLAB has 49 associated researchers with proven experience and countless scientific publications in the area and hired, until now, 20 highly qualified human resources. The ongoing research lines comprise: 1) Training of specialized human resources; 2) Optimization of the production of several marine organisms; 3) Analytical tools for the evaluation of bioindicators of health and welfare and development of in vitro systems; 4) Environmental monitoring and adaptation to climate change; and 6) New products, technological development and market. The S2AQUAcoLAB and its network of partners have the infrastructure, equipment and means to pursue scientific research of excellence whilst is exceptionally well-positioned to establish the link between scientific outputs and stakeholders.

The main goal of the S2AQUAcoLAB is to carry out R&D activities with a view to innovation for sustainable and intelligent aquaculture It aims to play an active role in the transfer of knowledge and technology, provide services that increase food safety, and diversify aquaculture products.

Acknowledgments: Project ALG-05-3559-FSE-000021 and Programa Interface (aviso AAC n.º 01/C05-i02/2022)