World Aquaculture 2023

May 29 - June 1, 2023

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia


Mitchell Beagley*

Samantha Nowland

Brando Westley

Bunug Galaminda

Valentin Thépot

Darwin Aquaculture Centre, Fisheries Division

Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade,

Northern Territory, Australia


Oyster aquaculture is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly agribusinesses in the world. Blacklip rock oysters (Saccostrea echinata) are a native species of tropical oyster found across the north Australian coast. Research is underway into the farming potential of Blacklip rock oyster in northern Australia. Trial grow out sites are located near the remote communities of Warrawi on South Goulburn Island and Alyangula on Groote Eylandt. The Northern Territory Government’s Darwin Aquaculture Centre in collaboration with the Yagbani Aboriginal Corporation and Groote Aqua Aboriginal Corporation have been working on a development project supported by the Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia. Working together, this project has assessed farming methods and infrastructure suitable to our unique tropical growing conditions and there effects on oyster growth and marketability. This poster will highlight the research and development behind the tropical rock oyster programs success; which has grown from a community vision and is currently transitioning into small-scale commercial production. We will also summarise future research and development needs to support the community with their ultimate aim of supplying markets with a premium, native oyster, which has been sustainably grown by Aboriginal Territorians in the pristine waters of northern Australia.