Aquaculture America 2021

August 11 - 14, 2021

San Antonio, Texas

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James (Jim) Flaherty
452 Lincoln Boulevard
Middlesex, NJ 08846

As the sizes of land-based RAS fish farms grow into the tens of thousands of annual fish production, the options for sourcing oxygen are increasing. D ecisions about the  quality and  source of oxygen will have a material impact on the economic sustainability of the farm.

There is a general lack of knowledge by the oxygen source decision makers, RAS designers or farm owners, about the decisions that need to be made to achieve the optimal capital investment requirement, risk profile, and life-cycle cost of oxygen supply.

This presentation intends to inform RAS  fish farm owners and designers which decisions are meaningful to the farm bottom line. Technical, reliability, commercial, and economic comparisons among each onsite generated oxygen technology available today and imported liquid oxygen will be presented. By being better informed of the ramifications of each oxygen decision required , educated decisions will ensur e optimum and sustainable aquaculture operation results - AKA maximize profitability.