World Aquaculture Magazine - March 2024

20 MARCH 2024 • WORLD AQUACULTURE • WWW.WAS.ORG EDITOR’S NOTE: AQUA 2024, the combined European and World Aquaculture Societies’ events, will take place from August 26-30 in Copenhagen. It will comprise a scientific conference, trade exhibition, industry fora, workshops, student events and receptions. The event will highlight the latest aquaculture research and innovation to underpin continued growth of this exciting food production sector. It will be a showcase for Denmark, and its innovation leadership in several key technologies crucial for future aquaculture, but also a meeting and exchange platform for experts from around the world. The theme of AQUA 2024 is BLUE FOOD, GREEN SOLUTIONS. More information can be found in this issue, or at the Societies’ websites. The Danish aquaculture cluster includes six economic activities. The marine ingredients sector is one of the leading global providers of fish oil, fishmeal and other marine ingredients for fish feed and other applications. The fish feed and feed ingredients companies are also globally present and considered leading companies. They supply a wide range of raw materials and ingredients for fish feed as well as tailored feed solutions for all kinds of fresh- and saltwater aquaculture facilities. The primary sector (e.g., the fish producers) includes farming of aquatic products The Danish Aquaculture Sector — Limited in its Growth Potential, But with a Global Outreach Per Bovbjerg Pedersen and Mette Kristensen on land and in the sea, and Denmark accounts for approximately half of the EU’s production volume in recirculating aquaculture systems1. The technology sector provides equipment, technologies, turnkey systems, and know-how for the primary sector around the globe. The academic sector includes universities and other institutions providing scientific know-how on aquaculture related topics. The processing sector is also very important in Denmark and includes processing and international trade of aquatic products from aquaculture and fisheries.