World Aquaculture - September 2023

20 SEPTEMBER 2023 • WORLD AQUACULTURE • WWW.WAS.ORG U.S. AQUACULTURE SOCIETY Sponsored Publications Request for Proposals The USAS is seeking proposals for publications, including books, conference proceedings, fact sheets, pictorials, hatchery or production manuals, data compilations, and other materials that are important to U.S. aquaculture development and that will be of benefit to USAS members. Individuals wishing to have a project considered for funding by the USAS should prepare a proposal — guidelines are available on the website • CONDITIONS FOR PUBLICATION: The USAS Board of Directors will rate proposals and select projects for publication. The successful applicant will serve as co-author; however, depending on contribution to the publication, the applicant may not necessarily serve as chief or sole author. The USAS will cover general publication and distribution costs for one or more projects up to $5,000 each year. However, special consideration will be given to worthwhile projects that exceed this limit. No compensation will be provided to the authors for their time spent in writing the publication. The publication will be property of the USAS and will be sold through the WAS bookstore. • CONTACT: John Bowzer, Ph.D. • EMAIL: John.Bowzer@ADM.COM • PHONE: 217-451-3963 • MOBILE: 985-377-4480 from Zambia to neighboring countries, signaling the huge market potential for fish. It is also common to find small- and medium enterprises, especially those employing women, adding value through processing for longer shelf-life and market requirements. This implies that continuous investment in the aquaculture value chain should remain high on the agenda. In light of these facts and trends, it is not surprising that Zambia was identified as a suitable destination for the Aquaculture Africa 2023 Conference. The Conference will provide a platform to share experiences and Following the lead of other countries, pond liners are now available and utilized for soils with limited clay content. Zambia is the largest producer of tilapia in the region, increasing from 750 tons in 1986 to 75,500 tons in 2022. possible solutions to impediments, at both domestic and global stages for the growth of the aquaculture industry. Notes Alexander Shula Kefi*, former Regional Director for Southern Africa, African Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Malawi. * Correspondence: