World Aquaculture - June 2023

WWW.WAS.ORG • WORLD AQUACULTURE • JUNE 2023 5 Contact Extru-Tech today at 785-284-2153 or visit us online at KEEP IT SINGLE. SINGLE SCREW MULTIPLE MARKETS SINGLE SCREW EXTRUSION SYSTEM OPTIMIZES FLEXIBILITY AND MARKET OPPORTUNITIES Optimize the return on your capital investment with a single screw extrusion system. Buy one system and cost-effectively deliver product to multiple market opportunities. • One system capable of economy up to super premium fresh meat petfood • Aquatic feeds that range from floating to sinking shrimp feed • Capitalize on high margin petfood treat opportunities • Significantly lower operating cost per ton versus competitive systems As the chart below demonstrates, an Extru-Tech Single Screw Extrusion System provides all the flexibility and production efficiencies at around half the cost of competitive extrusion systems with high operating costs. PREMIUM PETFOOD PETFOOD SNACKS AQUA FEED P.O. Box 8 100 Airport Road Sabetha, KS 66534, USA Phone: 785-284-2153 Fax: 785-284-3143 Capital Investment Extru-Tech Solution The Competition Operating Costs Ingredient Flexibility Complexity Operating Cost ($/M Ton) 1.0 1.0 Excellent Low 1.08 2.5 1.60 Excellent High 2.80 vs ET-337F.indd 1 1/28/21 8:31 AM We have a few initiatives that we are working on. The Promotion and Membership Committee will be sending out a new feedback questionnaire. This survey was last administered in 2018, and the feedback was valuable for scheduling webinar topics of interest to the membership. This survey will again ask respondents to consider the learning opportunities and professional development needs they see as essential or critical to their disciplines. Please take the time to provide your insights on this questionnaire. Director Mick Walsh is heading up a group to develop a Professional Fish Culturist Certification program. She has united the AFS Fish Culture Section, the National Aquaculture Association, and USAS to add cross-society prestige to the certification program. I will provide more details later as things unfold. Director Adriane Michaelis is leading the effort for a continuing education course to be held at Aquaculture America in San Antonio. Again, as more information is available, I will pass it along. — Anita Kelly, President U.S. Aquaculture Society It is hard to believe we are into the first quarter of my year as President. I want to thank the members who have graciously volunteered to serve on various committees. We have successfully filled all the committees with members. Just as a reminder, there are numerous opportunities for USAS members to engage in leadership and service to the Chapter and WAS. I urge you to consider service to USAS sometime during your career. An engaged membership makes a strong society. With that said, here is my plug for volunteers to judge student presentations. Since USAS provides several awards to students, our student presentations have increased. Judging presentations depends on volunteers who will be at the meeting. Last year we had difficulty finding enough volunteers to judge and as a result, the majority of the judging fell to just a couple of individuals. The more volunteers we have, the better the judging. We strive to have a minimum of two but prefer to have three judges for each presentation. Please consider being a judge at the next meeting. CHAPTER REPORTS