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Aquaculture Production Systems

Aquaculture is an increasingly diverse industry with an ever-growing number of species cultured and production systems available to professionals. A basic understanding of production systems is vital to the successful practice of aquaculture. Aquaculture Production Systems provides a valuable survey of key production systems that will allow the reader to better understand how aquaculture depends upon and interacts with its environment.

Edited by: James H. Tidwell; Hardcover, 421 pages; 2012


Aquaculture: Retrospective and Outlook An Aquaculture Summit

Information compiled by experts during a workshop held in Honolulu November 2002

Diseases in Asian Aquaculture III

Proceedings of the Third Symposium on Diseases in Asian Aquaculture, 1996.

Environmental Best Management Practices for Aquaculture

Environmental Best Management Practices for Aquaculture will provide technical guidance to improve the environmental performance of aquaculture. This book will be the only comprehensive guide to BMPs for mitigation of environmental impacts of aquaculture in the United States.

Published in cooperation with the UNITED STATES AQUACULTURE SOCIETY

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