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Picture of Sea Bass and Sea Bream A Practical Approach to Disease Control and Health Management

Sea Bass and Sea Bream A Practical Approach to Disease Control and Health Management

By Pierpaolo Patarnello, Niccolo Vendramin HB (spiral) ISBN: 9781910455791
Picture of Sea Bass and Sea Bream
Sea Bass and Sea Bream
The aim of this book is to provide practical advice and awareness of health management and disease control in sea bass and sea bream, the most widely-farmed fish in the Mediterranean region. The prevention and control of the main pathologies affecting intensively-cultured marine fish species are of paramount importance. Farmed sea bass and sea bream are high-value fish, making significant contributions to the economies of many countries. This important book gives particular emphasis to rapid diagnosis and response to the most dangerous pathologies, which can cause severe economic losses in affected fish farms. This book will be an essential purchase for fish farm operatives and managers, veterinarians, fish health managers and inspectors, consultants, fish pathologists, microbiologists, and parasitologists. Personnel within companies supplying the aquaculture industry with pharmaceuticals and vaccines, feed, and technical equipment will find a wealth of useful information within this book. Libraries in all universities and establishments teaching and researching aquaculture, veterinary studies, fish biology, microbiology, pathology and parasitology should have copies of this important book on their shelves. Pierpaolo Patarnello DVM is Veterinary Officer at the Sanitary Department of the Lecce Veterinary Office, Italy. He has more than 20 years experience farming marine species in the Mediterranean and has been technical manager for the most important hatcheries in Italy. Niccolo Vendramin DVM is Coordinator of the European Reference Laboratory for Fish Diseases at DTU-VET, Division for Diagnostic and Scientific Advice, Veterinary Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a veterinarian specialising in fish diseases, with a focus on developing diagnostic methods and the laboratory analysis of viral fish diseases. [Subject: Veterinary Medicine, Ichthyology, Fish Biology, Aquaculture]
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